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Working on

I am not disappeared but working on a huge project to october. So the Cyclon next stage is seems delayed, but of course the developing is not stopped. In the next release coming a new boss with a new galaxy stage with some new rewards :)


Cyclon v1.2b release

Cyclon v1.2b has been published, because of some minor bugs and necessary functions.

1) The galaxy selector menu unlock the galaxies wrong because it has no more galaxy than two yet. If you complete level 9 the game will continue but has no more new game logic after level 9. The new level logics are coming in the next major version.

2) I am working on the best solution how to continue the game from the specific galaxy or boss level. In this version the selected level continue with the minimum score of the specific level with the default life and fire properties.

3) There is a need to inform the player about the the latest news and the level specific information. The messaging system which I have implemented may solved this problem.

So let's try this new version and send feedback to me!


New version publised v1.2

The next version of Cyclon has been published!

Now you can use the new galaxy selector menu to continue the war in the deep space against the aliens. In galaxy two you can also use the new reward called time delay hyperspace engine to upgrade Cyclon hyperspace engine and move faster than other spacecrafts.